19 Jul

Dolores Vallegiani started training 3 months ago to take the IELTS(general tesT) Today we got her result
a 666666666666666666666.She needed this mark to change her job position.She is one more to achieve her goals,in quite a short time.Congratulations Dolo.

Gianna took the CAE examination and today we got her result PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.And we keep on collecting achievements,Congratulations

CAE results…………………one more achievement

17 Jul

Guada prepared it in almost 4 months.She achieved her goals.Congratulations

Recent…..IELTS results…….7.5….7……6

13 Jun

to move for a short a

to do work and travel
to apply for the visa

3 different students were trained.The one who got a 7 trained for a month.The other 2 in a week.Different students have different skills.When you train you need to optimize your weaknesses.My service is tailored to your needs.

Colombian Night Menu: Arepas English Boutique

16 Mar

English Boutique


1 Kilo snow corn (white corn)

1tbsp butter (optional)

1tbsp salt (optional)

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Soak snow corn (white corn) overnight

The following day, drain the corn and cook it in boiling water for about an hour or until it is soft (al dente). Using a food processor ground the corn well, then knead it until the dough is a smooth consistency, without any lumps. For a better consistency and flavor add butter and salt (optional).

From this dough, make balls of 120 grams and then flatten them to make the shape of tortilla, about half to 1 cm in thickness.

Using a non-stick frying pan or a charcoal BBQ, cook the arepa for 5 minutes on one side and then turnover and cook for 3 minutes.

Note: There is no need to add butter or oil to the pan. The arepa will cook without it on a non-stick pan. When the arepa starts to slide around the pan when you move it, it indicates that that side is cooked.

Arepa Toppings:

In Colombia, there are many different toppings for the arepa; butter and salt, cheese and in recent times “arepa pizza” with chorizo, cheese and meat as a topping.

Arepa fillings: (When the arepa becomes a main course, sandwich style.) Between two arepas layer a generous mix of fried chicken, onion and tomatoes with aji ( a Colombian sauce with tomatoes, onion, lime and a pinch of salt). Other fillings could be meat, cheese, sofrito sauce and avocado. In northern Colombia fried egg is a favorite, where the egg is actually fried into arepa.

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